Friday, January 10, 2014

It's tough to blog....

It's tough to blog when you don't have internet connection for several days!

I am fighting a losing battle with the cable company.  I don't get why they just can't admit they have a problem & they don't know how to fix it!!  Why keep avoiding me???  It just means I am not paying a bill.  Sorry.  Why pay for something I didn't get???

I miss my internet connection.  I mean, all of my friends are on here!  I am missing Facebook & the constant updates on what people ate, who they are not talking to, new baby photos, more requests for things I need to crochet, invites to events I just can't fit into my busy schedule & silly cat pics that crack me up.  I need these constant updates!  How am I supposed to survive without them????

So for the few brief moments that I have internet connection, I will throw these words together & make a new blog entry.  If I am not around, you know it means the cable company is winning & I am sadly alone with my thoughts.

Saw Frozen for the second time & have to admit that I am in fact Olaf.  I do wonder what would happen to a snowman in summer!  Might have to test that one out.....

It's late & I would probably have turned off the computer by I'm going to venture to turn it off in hopes that I can get the internet back tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!

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