Friday, January 10, 2014

It's tough to blog....

It's tough to blog when you don't have internet connection for several days!

I am fighting a losing battle with the cable company.  I don't get why they just can't admit they have a problem & they don't know how to fix it!!  Why keep avoiding me???  It just means I am not paying a bill.  Sorry.  Why pay for something I didn't get???

I miss my internet connection.  I mean, all of my friends are on here!  I am missing Facebook & the constant updates on what people ate, who they are not talking to, new baby photos, more requests for things I need to crochet, invites to events I just can't fit into my busy schedule & silly cat pics that crack me up.  I need these constant updates!  How am I supposed to survive without them????

So for the few brief moments that I have internet connection, I will throw these words together & make a new blog entry.  If I am not around, you know it means the cable company is winning & I am sadly alone with my thoughts.

Saw Frozen for the second time & have to admit that I am in fact Olaf.  I do wonder what would happen to a snowman in summer!  Might have to test that one out.....

It's late & I would probably have turned off the computer by I'm going to venture to turn it off in hopes that I can get the internet back tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It starts with looking back at 2013....

It started with this post on Facebook.....
I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to do this project.  Just to see if there was anything worth noting in my year.  Turns out....there were several highlights for 2013.  And I can say now, in 2014, I am glad I did it & plan on doing this yearly.
For starters, I had an old piggy bank that I was actually planning to throw out.  He had chipped his ear in a nasty fall.  If I had found a replacement bank sooner, his life would have ended.  Since I decided I didn't want to use the empty jar, I used instead the piggy bank.  I figured with the jar I would be able to look inside & see the notes.  With the piggy bank I would be less likely to sneak a peak.
For the record, I did not peak at all!  I did shake the pig a few times to get a feel for how many notes where in there.....but never once did I open it.
So here are the things I noted in random order.....
I turned 42
I started my own business, Sunny in NY Creations on Etsy
Saw Pink in concert at the Garden
Sold a scarf off of my neck in Michael's
Toured the Eastern State Penitentiary with Raul
Found a ring I thought I'd lost
Got the glass teapot I had been wanting from Adagio
Bought a new bathing suit & willing to risk sunburn because it looks good on me
Read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children & loved it
Movie in the park night with Trisha & my munchkins to see The Lorax
Howard Jones & Andy Bell at Irving Plaza with Meri & Janis....saw Danny Kitzes' love child
Breakfast at Maureen's Kitchen with Judy & Jo
Got a funky fish teapot for Christmas....thank you Mike & Judy!
Pumpkin carving with my family at Chuck & Bernarda's
The Breast Cancer walk at Jones Beach
Fish & Sips event at Atlantis in Riverhead with Mike & Judy
Read Doctor Sleep & loved it
Asked by my niece Stephanie to chapperone her birthday get together at McDonald's because I am the 'cool adult' 
Rang in the New Year with Trisha, Rudy, Maria, Nic, Steph & Ryan at King Yum
Craig brought me matzoh ball soup & a potato latke from Deli King while I was sick with bronchitis
Sold my very first lace knit scarf....yup, my favorite red colored one
Cried during Les Miserables
Saw Annie on Broadway & was blown away by the talent
Saw Texas Chainsaw 3D with Raul
Made my very first hat after changing the pattern a few times....the Lazy Day Beret
Had a blast at the Coffee & Tea Festival with Raul
Adventureland with Trisha, Nic, Steph, Ryan & Shreya.....laughed with Nic on Musicland Express ride, screamed WOOHOO on the swings ride
Celebrated one year anniversary with my cat Jack
Got laid off from my job....but looking forward to a new adventure
Received an beautiful clock pendant from Darius for my birthday
Ryan's communion
Tried the new Lemon Chiffon tea from The Republic of it!
Made my first sleep mask from my own pattern
Stella & Dot fall season launch party with Meri in NJ....on the way home we saw Iggy Pop at a Jersey toll booth....he'd lost his Lust for Life
Saw The Conjuring with Raul....loved it
Movie in the park night with Trisha, Nic, Steph, Ryan, Adam & Ryan....we saw The Avengers
Dinner on the beach with Trisha & Nic....watching clouds, listening to Billy Joel
Rooftop Films event at the Queens County Farm....Ain't Them Bodies Saints with Trisha & Nic....good film
Read 13 Reasons Why....good book
Crocheted my first cowl....realized it's too big....started over....made it perfect
Trick-or-treating with my favorite nieces & nephews
Thanksgiving with my family
Treated myself to bamboo knitting them!!
Taught my sister-in-law to crochet & knit & now she's addicted!
Saw Frozen & loved it!  Clearly I am Olaf!
Bought an Alice in Wonderland teapot for $26
Complimented on my carrot scarf
Stopped into Ellen's Stardust diner for dessert made by my best friend Raul
Saw Nic, Steph & Ryan in their production of The Wizard of Oz & marvelled at how they dominated the show
Many lunch dates with my nieces, Nicole & Stephanie
Surprised Ryan & picked him up from school to take him to lunch
Read Joyland & loved it
Started writing again
Worked on new crochet projects
Saw Jennifer Holiday at the Iridium Jazz Club with Trisha...cried when she sang At Last
Complimented on my cupcake hat
Went to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games movie with Trisha, Ryan, Shreya, & Steph a/k/a Katniss
12/31 Breakfast with Carol at Park City diner....having my last waffle & ice cream meal for the year!
Looking back at all the notes, I am happy.  I remembered each notes events & it made me smile.  Made me appreciate 2013.  Even with the not so happy moments, the year was still good.  Overall, I can look back at the notes & realize how good 2013 was & not stress over the eh moments.  Even losing my job made it to the notes in the piggy bank!
I plan on doing this again in 2014.  I can't wait to see what makes it to those notes!!
Happy New Year!